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Tricorp, Inc., a small, woman-owned business focusing on IT solutions and executive search services founded by Linda in 2004. The launch of Tricorp enabled Linda to fully utilize the culmination of her consulting, management, and sales experience while working for domestic and international Fortune 100 corporations over a 20 year period. Linda has often been described as creative, solutions-focused, and able to successfully execute the recommendations she makes to her clients. Whether recommending an operational or technical improvement (or both) Linda cultivates the best possible talent with expertise necessary to solve customer challenges. Given her proven experience in performing successful implementations, Linda has become a trusted advisor for some of Washington’s largest and most diverse employers.

Linda combines a personal service offering with the experience of a large corporation to help clients solve problems. Tricorp is obtaining its GSA schedule in 2014 and Linda has incorporated several senior managers to the Tricorp team to provide technical consulting for various IT engagements.

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1999 - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Management, Cambridge, MA

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