Primary Services


Tricorp brings together experienced and knowledgeable professionals and couples them with a flexible but organized process to deliver intelligent IT solutions for our clients. The following represents a selection of our standard service offerings.

Comprehensive Technical Services

In its second decade, Tricorp offers unparalleled enterprise-level software development, mission critical data migration/modernization, and strategic technical and business consultation services to a broad range of clients. The majority of Tricorp clients have remained active for an average of 10 years.  Tricorp has a 100% track record on delivering projects on-time and often under budget.

Some of the programs we have experience with include:

  • Remedy and ServiceNow – comprehensive platform and ITSM management.
  • Legacy Migration/Modernization Strategy and execution from DMSII to Oracle
  • Oracle eBusiness Suite (supply chain and FI)
  • Siebel
  • Trading Platforms such as Eagle and customized applications
  • Migration to Cloud (data, applications)
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Administration for various applications (upgrades, modifications, access)
  • Cyber Security (FISMA compliance, Audit, Engineering, Training,
  • FedRamp systems

Most recently Tricorp launched ServiceNow On-Demand for executives responsible for a ServiceNow platform to have access to senior SMEs needing rapid procurement to maximize the utilization of the platform for project- based engagements. See ServiceNow On-Demand for more details. 

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For predictable and unparalleled delivery consider including Tricorp in your plans for your upcoming IT projects. For more details on these successful programs see more Tricorp experiences below.

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ITSM and ITIL Technology and Consulting

See our ServiceNow On-Demand Service.

IT Service Management (ITSM) is a process-based practice intended to align the delivery of information technology (IT) services with needs of the enterprise, emphasizing benefits to customers.

ITSM involves a paradigm shift from managing IT as stacks of individual components to focusing on the delivery of end-to-end services using best practice process models. ITIL® (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a globally recognized collection of best practices for information technology service management.

Tricorp possess five years of Remedy experience and five years of ServiceNow experience and have excelled at exceeding customer expectations across the entire spectrum of each platform. Most recently, our clients have requested our services be available ON-DEMAND resulting in the launch of our ServiceNow On-Demand business model.

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Our team members have, on average, 15 years of ITSM consulting experience to align business needs with technology optimally while delivering high-performance applications that support this goal. Tricorp consultants guide our customers through the development of roadmaps and processes to establish the best-suited ITSM focused organization for their environment. Learn more about an actual Tricorp client engagement on the attached PDF entitled, ITSM Case Study.

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Legacy Migration and Modernization

Tricorp has been providing data architecture for legacy data migration as part of a comprehensive system modernization for the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for over 8 years.

As with many legacy migration programs, the trademark data of record was stored in a mainframe DSM11 that had various development and admin teams supporting over its 30 year history. The mainframe schema was not parallel to migrate to the Oracle database without specific transfer and reconciliation to assure the trademark historical records remained intact for the international public to view and avoid filing a trademark that already has an owner.

Our experienced team of legacy migration SMEs supports the data ingestion from the “data of record” to five modernized systems assuring that the data is accurate from migration and synchronization to end user data validation. Most of the new systems are Oracle based but our strategies and knowledge include migration to the Cloud as well.

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Tricorp has the ability to scale our services to meet growing client demand. We do this with an internal model that enables our existing team to replicate their skills with peers in their professional history who have also performed to our high standards. This is especially important when rapid expansion is necessary with predictable outcomes.

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Cyber Security Services

As a prime federal contractor on the GSA 70   Schedule, Tricorp is responsible for the safekeeping of multiple federal applications that run the National Marine Fisheries Services for the Commerce agency, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.   These applications manage the entire mission of the NMFS to support the  nine regions within NOAA that assure compliance with the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act (MSA) to manage and protect the 200 mile economic zone for the purpose of managing established plans for marine fisheries in waters seaward of state waters of their individual regions. Plans and specific management measures as fishing seasons, quotas, and closed areas are designed to protect populations of specific fish and prevent unwelcome “imposters” into the US food supply chain.

Our program includes the following services under this prime contract:

Provide IT Security Compliance, independent audits, and technical security services that adheres to and incorporates the latest version of the Department of Commerce (DOC) and Office of Management and Budget (OMB), NOAA and NMFS policies and guidance.  This is accomplished through various Cyber Security project implementations, Security testing/scanning and remediation, Security assessments, IT Security Continuous Monitoring and Independent IT security Audits.

Executive Resource Services (ERS)

We are experts in talent acquisition and talent deployment. Tricorp has a successful history of performing all aspects of customized retained search of. Many of the features of that search model and our related expertise are embedded in of our solutions service offerings. What that means to our clients is a Tricorp team of top flight professionals for every project.

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When a client requires a professional to join their executive staff as a consultant or an employee, Tricorp will engage its search model to select the right fit for that need.

  • Upon execution of a service agreement, the Tricorp team will review the position specifications including responsibilities, environment, and required technical expertise needed to assure a successful performance outcome. Compensation information, benefits, and perks, or the consulting budget, will be obtained and considered. A dialogue will be conducted with the hiring manager to determine the personal fit – what type of individual will be compatible with his or her leadership style, management approach, personality type, etc.
  • Based on this information, we will conduct deep research into relevant industries obtaining referrals and lists of potential candidates.
  • Tricorp then initiates discussions with prospective candidates to develop within the prospect an interest in the client and the role. Formal interviews of viable prospects are conducted following this step.
  • Throughout this process, we rank and re-rank candidates until we are satisfied that our select choices will result in a positive outcome.
  • Tricorp develops and submits to the client a thorough executive brief for each candidate. This information will include salary or consulting rates, travel expense, etc.
  • We conduct references for Tricorp consultants and hiring candidates before introducing them to the client.
  • As a final step, Tricorp will arrange a meeting of introduction with the client and Tricorp recommended candidate(s).

While these steps are common in most retained search models, the outcome of the process varies immensely. Our referenceable success metrics are uncommon and exceptional when compared to the overall industry for both retention, promotions, and achievement.

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